Friday, January 6, 2017

Dec. 26, 2016 & Jan. 2, 2017

How is everyone?!!!!

I hope that you all had a good Christmas and New Years! I know that I did! It was so wonderful to Skype with my parents! I loved the packages I got for Christmas, especially the new WHITE garments. I hope that all of the nieces and nephews got wonderful presents from Santa and I hope that we were all able to remember the true meaning of Christmas. It is so wonderful that the world uses this time of year to remember the birth of Christ. I am so thankful that He came and died for us. 

Christmas day was really good. We went to a couple of members homes and enjoyed their company and ate lots of rice. I used Mary Afasi's phone to Skype with my parents, she is the sister of the branch president. The other member's home we went to was Bro. Joseph, he is originally from Nigeria. On the 26th we got together with the zone for P-day and had a great time playing sports and just having fun. 

We have been able to set a baptism date for Michael, Ernest and hopefully two others for the 14th of January. That will be right before I leave Suhum, so that would be awesome. The teaching has been going really well and we have seen some great results from our efforts. 

I also hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years. We definitely had a good one here in Ghana. We went to the branch party and then we were able to watch fireworks that night, it was lots of fun. After the party we were at Bro. Attah's and had lots of good food and a great night visiting with everyone. Bro. Attah is the first counselor in the branch presidency.

It is hard to believe that I come home this year. It really is a weird feeling. The work is going good up here in Suhum. Just trying to buckle down and trying to get a baptism before I leave in a couple of weeks. I am so thankful to be a missionary and am so glad to be serving a mission. I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!


Elder Travis J. Roberts
Ghana Accra Mission

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