Thursday, December 17, 2015

Weeks 1 & 2 (First letter from the mission field)

Hi everyone!!! 

How are you all doing? I am doing really good here in Africa. It has been super fun so far!! It is really weird over here. The reason it is weird is because parts of Ghana are really advanced and other parts are really not. You can literally see the old and new next to each other. Also people actually have decent cars over here. At least 75% of the population has a 95 or newer. So let me start from when I first flew out. In New York I ended up meeting 8 other elders. They were Elders, Crosby, Shumway, Kohler, Miller, Howland, Frandsen, Madson, and Harrigfeld. We all got along super well and are pretty good friends. Elder Kohler is actually in the same apartment as me in my first area. 

So when we landed we ended up spending at least two hours in the airport trying to get all of the luggage. There was a lot of it. By that point we were all sweating so much. Then after that we were all carted off to the MTC!! We were all assigned into districts and most of us were in the same district. My companion in the MTC was Elder George. He is from Zimbabwe!! He is a really nice guy and will do super well on his mission. The Elders I stayed with were Elders Akpu, Otieno, Agesa, George, and Mutiani. They were all super cool. I will say that the MTC was good but, I am glad to be out of there. The entire day consisted of sitting and eating. Also an hour of sports. So it got old pretty fast. Our teacher was super cool though. His name was Brother Afful. He is from Ghana and is a really nice guy. 

My Senior companion is really awesome. His name is Elder Sam and he is from Nigeria!! He has already been out for over 10 months!! Crazy right? Just wait till I get to that point. I will say that I do not want to see any kind of rice for many many many many years after my mission. The MTC ruined it for me. I will say that pineapples are really good though. We ended up going to the temple last Wednesday and it was super awesome. The Ghana Accra temple will always hold a special place in my heart. It is crazy to think that I am going to spend two years over here but, I know this is where the Lord wants me and I will serve him with everything I have in me. I know that my friends are where they are supposed to be and that they will be great missionaries as well. I will say that when I got into the mission field I wasn't exactly sure this was where I was supposed to be, but now I know for sure it is. 

We already have an investigator and we are teaching him today!!! There are also some baptisms on Saturday!!! I know that the work is really moving in Africa and that there is no better place to be right now.I love you all and will see you in less than 2 years!! Already crazy to think it is less than 2. Once again I love you all. Be safe and be the best person that you can possibly be.



Elder Travis J. Roberts
Ghana Accra Mission

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