Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sep 19 & 26, 2016

Hello everyone!!

I hope that you are all doing well, I am great here in Suhum. We have had a pretty good 2 weeks, a lot has happened. My new companion, Elder Ignatious and I, are enjoying working together. He has been out for 14 months and grew up as a member of the church. We get along great and he seems like a really good guy. 

Second, we got to see Elder Gary E. Stevenson from the Quorum of the Twelve. It was an amazing experience to hear and learn from another Apostle of the Lord and shake his hand. One of the things that stuck out to me in his talk is that he called all spots of our mission the "sweet spot". He reminded us about the advantages and excitement of every situation, whether it be a new missionary, a twelve month missionary, or a finishing missionary. Another thing he emphasized is that a lesson without a commitment is a waste of time. That was something that really hit home to me. He also talked a lot about preach my gospel. Over all it was really humbling to see and meet him. The whole mission gathered for it, so I was able to see all of my TC's and friends! They also fed all of us chicken and rice with Shito (black pepper sauce), it tasted really good.

The weather has been really rainy lately. They even had some flooding over in Koforidua and unfortunately some of the members homes had significant damage. The elders there will be doing some service projects to help with the clean up, but fortunately we were unaffected here in Suhum. 

This week was my birthday so that was really fun! I cannot believe that I am now 19 years old! I had Eba and Egusi soup on my birthday, two of my favorite foods here in Ghana. I also got one of my packages but sadly, the other one has not gotten here yet. I still pray that it will. It means that I only got some of the birthday wishes from everyone that wrote. I thank you all for the good messages. I am thankful for the ones that got here and for the ones that didn't, your love is still felt. Every week seems to go a little quicker; time is really starting to fly by! I love serving my mission and I love all of you.

Elder Travis J. Roberts
Ghana Accra Mission

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