Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 8, 2016

Well this is it.

The final week of training. It feels really weird to say that. I will say that I am very excited to say that though. It is a wonderful feeling. Also this week I hit 3 MONTHS!!!!!!! I really cant believe that. It is amazing. It really does go fast. It is going to be scary how fast it goes when training is over. 

We have 3 baptisms scheduled for the end of the month but, I have no idea if I will be here for them because after this week anything can happen. This week was really interesting because I was with Elder Kohler a lot (the other American elder in our apartment). We went on splits most of the week. It was good because we got to learn from each other. We also found out that if we were ever companions we would absolutely KILL IT in the field!! We work so well together. The Lord definitely is with us. I say this because on Friday we had a really interesting experience. We were visiting with an investigator that owns a small drugstore. We were just chatting and visiting with her when all of a sudden a customer starts to talk to us and starts quoting scriptures from the bible. Come to find out he is one of those one man churches.(They are all over here in Ghana, it is really annoying.) So we got into a bible bash that we didnt really want to be in. We actually "won" the bash because he started to walk away and say that he had to get to his sermon. It was really annoying but I am so thankful for the Lord because had it not been for Him I would not have kept calm and would have lost my temper. I am so thankful for this Gospel. It is crazy to see all the other churches and their crazy ways of preaching and praying. I for sure know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for it.

P-day this week was also a little different.  My companion, Elder Sam, had been complaining about having a toothache.  He asked me to take a look and when I did I saw a big hole in one of his molars!  OUCH!  So my protective mode took over and I said we are calling the mission office and getting you a dental appointment.  A few hours later after a root canel and lots of novocaine Elder Sam and his tooth were doing much better. So yeah, that was most of my P-day.

Well talk to you all next week. Love you!!

Elder Travis J. Roberts
Ghana Accra Mission

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